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Free Messaging Whenever, wherever you need. You can trade free texts with companions at whatever point and wherever with one-on-one and gathering visits. LINE is accessible on all Smartphone gadgets (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Nokia) and even on your PC. Ongoing voice and feature calls with companions are free with LINE. Don’t hold up to hear your friends and family’s voices or see their grinning appearances. Call NOW! Right now accessible on iPhone, Android and PC (Windows/Mac OS). With in excess of 10,000 stickers and emoticons, you can express a more extensive extent of feelings. Have some good times with LINE stickers. Visit the Sticker Shop to discover unique LINE and world-popular character stickers.


LINE gives you a chance to impart photographs, features, voice messages, contacts and area data effortlessly with your companions. Include Official Accounts of your most loved craftsmen, superstars, brands and TV indicates as a companion to get select news and coupons just accessible on LINE.

There’s an ideal model transformation happening at this moment and it’s taking the world by storm. Mobile apps and mobile gadget deals are quadrupling. Actually, numerous individuals no more trouble with area lines, yet exclusively depends on phones to stay joined. As an advertiser you would be astute to pay heed to this development on the grounds that it’s not only a passing pattern.

This app makes it feasible for clients to send messages and make voice calls to their contacts anyplace on the planet. You can spare a huge amount of cash on your phone bill by utilizing this app as it offers boundless free calling and informing 24 hours a day. It likewise has a huge amount of different peculiarities like gathering talks and feature calls between individual Line clients, photograph offering, capability to express you with the assistance of stickers and Emoji. You can discover clever and amusing stickers of renowned characters from as far and wide as possible. Line now gloats of a huge number of clients from more than 200 nations of the world. The purpose behind its notoriety is that it is pressed with numerous energizing peculiarities and is allowed to download. The app is additionally accessible for desktop workstations and tablets.

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LINE is a texting application and VoIP stage that gives you a chance to send messages and make free voice and feature calls, and it has a Windows customer so you can do all everything from your PC.


LINE’s principle reason for existing is to help you speak with your companions free of charge. Much the same as Skype, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo! Envoy and numerous others, LINE gives you a chance to send free quick messages and visit with companions who are additionally utilizing this app; you can even begin gathering visits. LINE likewise incorporates VoIP offers so you can additionally make voice and feature calls.

The primary gimmick of the LINE app is that it’s accessible for nothing on all famous working frameworks. It’s there for Android and ios clients and additionally for the Mac OS X and Windows OS clients. So the app is accessible authoritatively for every one of the four prevalent working frameworks. It implies you can undoubtedly download Line for PC which is accessible for Windows and also Mac working framework too.

The app gives free messaging peculiarity i.e. clients can send boundless number of free messages to their companions and relatives without paying any additional charge or any universal charges.

Alongside free messages, the app gives free voice calling peculiarity. Yes, clients can do boundless number of voice calls utilizing their PCs or cell phones. The quality being offered over voice calls is incredibly well and you won’t find any issue in utilizing the app.

Alongside utilizing this app for correspondence, clients can additionally impart photographs, features or whatever available record while talking with their companions. Clients can make gathering of their school or school companions or relatives and can impart records to them together in a solitary visit window. This is the place the app adds more zest to the discussion. So I think in the wake of seeing all these gimmicks you will settle on a decent decision of utilizing Line on PC for nothing.

As emoticons and smileys are the piece of discussions nowadays so LINE additionally underpins them. The app gives rich quality graphical smileys and emoticons which might be utilized while making discussions with your companions.

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Line app for PC free on your machine. Send quick messages and make free calls with this app. You be able to currently download Line in favor of PC free and introduce an option to Whatsapp for PC.

line for pc

Line for PC is a texting application that offers us new discharges and different peculiarities that other texting app doesn’t have. Line Camera or Line Card is some of them. Don’t hold up any more to download Line for PC free, introduce and revel in with Line for PC on your PC.

Line for PC is accessible for machine in a brisk and simple. Download Line for PC is not troublesome way. Presently introduce the app on your workstation will permit you to stay in contact with your loved ones of fun and simple way. Download Line for PC free and revel in with your companions and to impart pictures for this app.

Line for PC is accessible for iPhone, Android and others stages. Download Line for PC now on your portable computer or PC. Line for PCs accessible free for an assortment of stages, for example,

  • Line for iPhone
  • Line for Android
  • Line for Blackberry
  • Line for Windows Phone
  • Line for Mac
  • Line for Windows

Line for PC is the most downloaded texting app right now. Little by little Line for PC is picking up clients all through the world. Don’t hold up any longer until further notice getting a charge out of this incredible app and welcome all your contacts to introduce Line PC.

Original Japanese and English Line PC forms that are accessible in numerous nations have arrived at 75 million clients as far and wide as possible. Line PC is picking up adherents step by step. There are several them who are currently appreciating its profits.

Line for PC is accessible on the off chance that you as of now have introduced the texting app for your Smartphone. At that point download the Line app for PC form on your workstation, yet keep in mind to enlist a record some time recently. From this connection you can download the app for texting alongside their embellishments, for example, Line Cam

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Have you heard about the latest trend when it comes to messaging applications? LINE is one of the most popular, easy-to-install and most of all – one of the best messaging applications that you can have. Now, this application, as most of us may know, offers unlimited calls and chat not just in one country but in as many as 23. That is correct – you now have another great option to keep in touch with your loved ones and friends.

After installing, it will require you to register and of course be familiarized with all the things that you’ll need to use in order for you to use it to its maximum capacity. Listed below is the basic information that any LINE users need to know to get started with their 24/7 free messaging app.

line app

I’ve downloaded LINE, how do I register?

Whether you are using the LINE app on your computer, tablet or phone, you will need to register for a LINE account via the mobile application because the one for desktop needs a pre-registered account. To register, you will need to first install the application. Once installed, simply go to Settings and then tap Accounts and then go to Email Registration. You’ll be asked to provide your email address and password.

Want to start using the app, how do I add my friends?

On the main screen of your LINE app, you’ll see an icon, much like the one in Facebook. Just tap that and you can search a contact using their User Id or (exclusively for mobile) the Shake it option.

What is the Shake it option in my LINE app?

This is something fun for you and your friends, LINE’s shake it option is for those who want to connect with each other by just putting their phones together and shaking them (just like shaking hands with another person).

Want to Create Group Chat, How do I Start?

It’s easy, you’ll just need to go to the Add Friends page and there you’ll see the Create a Group option. Simply click that and you’ll be able to enter the group’s name and then the option to add the friends that you want to add.

What are those cute cartoons? I want to use them!

They are called stickers and LINE is very much proud of them. They give life to every conversation and help determine the exact feelings of the person you’re chatting too. This lessens the chance that people get to misunderstand what you said especially if you pick the right stickers. You can download different groups of stickers and enjoy using them.

How do I download them? Do I need to pay anything here?

To download your stickers, just click the More button and then you’ll see the Sticker Shop, tap that and be able to choose between 3 categories, Top, New and Free. Yes there are stickers that need to be purchased using “coins”. You can get coins for free or as rewards and some can be purchased. Though, no need to worry, there are a lot of stickers that are for free and you get to enjoy yourself with many options.

Games in my LINE? Is it possible?

You can download and play games using your LINE application, simply go to the More page and tap the Games button and download your cute and addicting games.

LINE is indeed something that everyone will enjoy, especially with the use of stickers. It’s for free and who wouldn’t want unlimited chat and messaging capabilities in their pc and phone? Surely this application will go a long way.

Get to Know LINE: A Fun, Free and Easy Way to Stay Connected with your Loved Ones 3.93/5 (78.57%) 14 votes

Line. Do you remember when we needed to find an Internet café just for us to be able to have access and do video chat? Indeed our technology has evolved faster than we thought and now, almost everyone is using a smartphone. We tend to find new and innovative ways to do our work faster and easier and of course, since this is still a phone the main improvement that we would expect is that we will have new ways to communicate with each other. Good thing that they didn’t sleep on their job and now we are being introduced to so many ways to have easier communication and well, they have actually made it beyond our expectations.

Been on top of the tech news lately, this application has made its way to the top within a few months of being released. Who doesn’t want a free application that offers FREE calls and chat? Yes, that’s correct, it’s all for FREE. The application that we are talking about is none other than LINE. Yes that’s the name that you’ll look for in your app store.

line app

What Do I Get When I Download LINE?

LINE is not just exclusive for android users, it’s for everyone and you can even download it on your desktops may it be MAC or Windows. Once you download the application, you will of course be asked to create an account and from there you are set to add your friends and you are on your way to limitless calls! This is indeed something that would be very beneficial not just with people with relatives or friends overseas but for those who enjoy talking with friends without needing to purchase minutes.

What Makes People Love the LINE app?

For some, chatting is a way to release stress so what how would it be if you are able to chat 24/7 with fun emoticons or what we now call stickers? It’s easier to misunderstand plain texts and often this leads to mixed reactions from both users, that is why it was so clever for the creators of LINE to be able to give you the chance to use stickers. These stickers are much like emoticons; they help you show what you feel. Its way better because these stickers can really capture one’s emotion and you have got to believe it, they are really fun to use!

LINE also has group chat options which makes it great when you are planning an event with friends, be able to have loads of fun and it’s like they are with you with all the fun chats that you’ll be having. No need to use the same stickers over and over, LINE has a bunch of them and you will surely find the best sticker to any emotion and with any situation – guaranteed. Aside from the usual free calls and chat, you are also able to play games and see how time flies when you are using this application.

Is LINE Easy to Use?

LINE is one of the easiest applications to use as you are guided in every step of the way. Aside from this, stickers can easily be downloaded from the application’s database and then you can use them right away. Calls and adding contacts can also be done quickly so no need to worry about messing up your account. In a few minutes after installation, one can already use this great communication app.

As we discover new ways to stay in touch with the people we love, we also tend to use shortcuts so that we can maximize time. It’s great that with LINE, we will surely love to spend time talking and chatting with our loved ones because of its cool features. No need to wait, you can download yours now and be on your way to using this fun and amazing application.

LINE App for Desktops: Communicating with Friends Anywhere and Anytime 4.05/5 (81.05%) 19 votes

LINE App for Desktops: Communicating with Friends Anywhere and Anytime

Since LINE app first launched and was offered to the public in 2011, it now has over 200 million downloads and users. This app, which was developed by the Japanese, was able to generate a lot of users due to its unique and fun interface. You can say that LINE app has changed the way we interact with friends.

line desktop

To be able to make LINE available to a lot of individuals anytime, anywhere, they came out with the LINE app for PC and MAC users. Now you can stay connected even if you are stuck in front of your desktop while at work.  Indeed, since it started in 2011, it has come a long way.
The LINE app for your desktop looks very much like your LINE app on your mobile phones. This is actually very helpful, since you won’t need to learn another app to be able to use it. It makes it easier for you to adapt to using it, whether on the mobile phone or your desktop. Be warned though that at present, the LINE app for desktop is not as advanced as the one on your mobile phone. It can do the basic functions, such as chatting and calling, but it might be limited in terms of video conference and other functions. However, at the rate the LINE app is progressing, it won’t be long before the desktop app can catch up to its mobile counterpart.
If you would like to download the LINE App for your desktop, it’s really quite easy. All you need to do is to go their official website. From there, you can look for the link that lets you download the app. A pop-up window will come out, prompting you to choose your operating system. You’ll be asked to choose between Windows, Windows 8, and MAC OSX. Depending on the platform you are using, click the button that corresponds to it. Once done, the file will download automatically. Once it finishes downloading, click the LINE app installer and follow the steps to install it completely in your desktop computer. It’s really quite simple!
You have to note though that the LINE app can only work on your desktop if you have already registered an app on your mobile phone, or if you have a mobile phone. As you know, you cannot activate a LINE account without having a mobile number. This actually helps in your favour, as it automatically detects LINE users from your phonebook. It’s really very convenient.
Even if you have a LINE app installed in your mobile phones, it’s really still very useful to have it on your desktop or laptop. It allows you to connect to your friends anytime; and it’s very easy to multi-task if you have it installed in your computers already. The LINE app truly makes it easier for you to interact and communicate with your friends. In fact, you can even gain new friends if you try networking via its other functions. The LINE app really knows how to connect people, the fun and easy way.

Download Line for Desktops

LINE app for iOS: Improving the Way We Interact 4.80/5 (96.00%) 10 votes

LINE app for iOS: Improving the Way We Interact

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that smartphones are the craze these days. Whether you’re using an Android or an iOS phone, you will definitely be excited just discussing the many features and applications that you can install in your phone.
Chat applications are also getting enough hits these days. One example is the LINE app. LINE is a chat application developed by the Japanese. Like all things Japanese, the LINE app is “kawaii” or cute enough to become one of the most downloaded chat apps in the app store.

Download LINE iPhone

LINE app was developed initially for iOS smartphones. So if you are an iPhone user, you can easily download this app. LINE app is not just your ordinary chat application. Aside from being able to send text messages, and share photos, you can also hold video and audio conferences thru the app. What sets it apart from the first few messenger apps, is its own brand of cuteness. The LINE app has “stickers” which you can also share. These are sets of graphics, animated or otherwise, that look like cartoons. It’s a hit among the youth as they try to collect sticker groups and share with their friends.
If you are thinking of installing the LINE app to your iOS smartphone, then it’s really quite simple. Just simply go to the app store, search LINE app, and download to your phone. You will need iOS 4.3 or higher to be able to install this on your gadgets. The LINE app for iOS can be downloaded or installed in iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch. If you have all these gadgets, you can sync your LINE app so you won’t miss any interaction via LINE.
Once you’ve had this installed, you can now enjoy hanging out with your network of LINE friends. Using your iOS smartphone, you will now experience all the other products under LINE, such as the LINE camera, LINE Card, LINE Play, and LINE tools. For Android users, there is even a LINE Antivirus tool. But since you are using an iOS smartphone, which is mostly safe from viruses, then you won’t even need this at all.
The latest version of the LINE app now allows video calls, and the Snap Movie function. This allows you to add background music to your videos, so you can share “music videos” to your friends. The newest version also allows you to save and share your photos as albums. You can create and edit these albums, so you can go through photos together with your friends. Imagine all the fun you’ll have, sharing all these things with your friends!
It really is interesting how communication and socializing has evolved over the years. 10 years ago, would you have though that you would easily share edited videos for fun? Would you have thought that you would share gossip with your friends using an app that lets you teleconference? Apps such as the LINE app allow us to pursue our creative instincts and interact with others in a different, yet extremely fun and fulfilling way.

Download Line iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)


LINE download for Android 4.25/5 (85.00%) 24 votes

LINE download for Android. There are various Android applications nowadays that let people stay in touch with their families and friends for free. One of the best applications available is LINE which has gained millions of users from different countries around the world in a short period of time.

line download

What is LINE?

LINE is one of the latest apps for Android that offers various communication services. It allows people to send and receive messages, as well as make phone calls for free. With regards to the number of calls or messages sent, there are actually no limits.

What are the other features of LINE?

Aside from the major features of LINE such as unlimited and free instant messages and local/overseas phone calls, LINE may also serve as a social networking app for your Android devices.

The LINE app for Android has a special feature that allows registered users to update friends and families about their recent activities. You can post pictures, videos, or share your location with those who are authorized to view your profile. Aside from that, you may as well see the updates posted by your contacts that are also registered in LINE. Leaving messages to your friends and giving comments on the photos and videos shared by them are permitted.

The game component of social networking sites was also adopted by the LINE app. You may opt to install the free games that can be incorporated with this app just by searching the Google Play Store and downloading them separately. With the option to download these games individually, you will get the chance to choose those which you think will entertain you. Thus, saving some memory space compared to other applications that will make you download and save games in bulk.

Furthermore, the LINE app for Android also has a wide variety of stickers that can be shared with your friends. LINE has a wide collection of cute and funny stickers of different characters that you can use to express yourself. With an option to share your mood, emotions, or activities in a creative way, communication has never been this fun.

How do I download LINE for Andriod?

Downloading this free app is easy. The first thing that you should do is to connect to the internet, preferably to a Wi-Fi connection for a more stable and fast download. After connecting to the internet, open your Google Play Store application and search for LINE. Just click ‘Install’ and then ‘Accept’ when the app asks for your permission to access your device. Wait for the download to finish and it will be automatically installed on your device.

What are the requirements for downloading and using LINE for Andriod?

There are only a few requirements in downloading and using this app. In order to successfully download LINE, your device should have an Android OS version of 2.1 or higher. Aside from that, your device must have at least 17 MB storage space to enable the installation and saving of the necessary data of this app. In order to make unlimited and free voice calls and instant messages, or to play games with this app, only a stable Internet connection is required.

Final Words…

With all these different awesome features that this Android app can offer, it is not surprising that it has become one of the top-grossing apps in the Google Play Store. Up to now, the LINE app for Andriod is still gaining popularity and the number of LINE active users is increasing exponentially. This app is definitely worth checking out, so grab your Android devices and download this free app to see for yourself.

Download Line Android

LINE download for Blackberry 4.01/5 (80.29%) 68 votes

LINE download for Blackberry. The Best Free Messenger App for Blackberry: LINE, with all the technological advancements in the digital world, communication has also been revolutionized. One of the most widely used messenger app for Blackberry devices is LINE. This application has millions of active users from different age groups who enjoy all of its amazing features. This article aims to provide a closer look at this hottest mobile app.

download line blackberry

LINE: An Overview

LINE is among the top-grossing mobile apps that are available for Blackberry. Basically, this is a free messenger application that allows registered users to connect with their families, friends, or acquaintances anywhere and anytime they want.  By using the LINE app for Blackberry, you will get to enjoy the major services offered such as unlimited free voice calls and text messages.

LINE as a Social Networking App

Apart from being a messenger app that can allow users to make both local and overseas phone call and instant messages for free, LINE for Blackberry can also be used as a social networking site.
By downloading this app to your Blackberry, you can stay connected with your families and friends by posting updates and sharing photos or videos about your most recent activities. Aside from that, you may also share your exact geographic location to your contacts. For privacy reasons, LINE for Blackberry also adds a feature that will allow you to gain control over who sees your profile and you can even block users from accessing your profile page.
You can also browse the updates and different kinds of media shared by the people on your friends’ list who authorized you to view their profiles. It is also possible for you to leave comments on the things shared by these people.
Besides the awesome features mentioned above, there is also a wide range of fun and engaging LINE games that you can download. In order to make it more exciting for registered users, LINE also included a feature that enables you to compete with your friends for the first place on the weekly leaderboard of these games.

LINE Messaging Features

Apart from the ability to send instant messages individually to your friends, LINE app also allows you to start or join a group chat.
You may do away with the traditional emoticons for this app has a numerous set of stickers featuring different cute characters that can be shared with your friends through the messaging option of LINE.

Simple Steps to Download LINE on your Blackberry

This application can be downloaded from Blackberry World. Just connect to the internet and search for the LINE app. The requirements to download and use this free messenger app are fairly simple. All you need is a stable internet connection, a Blackberry device with an OS version of 5.0.0 or higher, and a free memory space of at least 4 MB.
With its easy to use and elegant user interface plus amazing features, it is no wonder that LINE users continue to increase in number. Whether you are a teen or an adult, this free app enables you to efficiently keep in touch with your dearest. So download this free app and experience all of its amazing features.

Download Line BlackBerry